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Commercial Services

Power and effective lighting is crucial to not only the day to day running of a commercial building, but is also directly related to it's profitability. From stores, warehouses, restaurants and offices, we have the capability to provide you with a vast array of electrical and related services vital to your business or establishment. From fire alarms to new consumer units, from testing and inspections to our lamp changing service. Below are some, but not all of the services available to our commercial clients.

Warden Call Systems

We supply and install professional warden call systems for sheltered homes and accommodation. These can be controlled by staff on site or linked to a remote control centre.

PA Systems

We provide and install public address (PA) systems which provide speech and music in locations such as: hotels, shops, factories, courts and offices.

Emergency Lighting

We install maintain and test exit signs and emergency lighting. Emergency lighting and exit signage are essential for accidents or catastrophic events that require a safe and smooth evacuation from a building and is required by law. It provides illumination allowing people to see clearly, avoid obstacles and move confidently to the nearest exit in a crisis.

Lightning Protection

A lightning protection system intercepts a lightning strike and provides a safe path into the ground to harmlessly discharge the dangerous electricity and prevent damage to property. A lightning strike will often result in a fire being started causing complete destruction and danger to life. Our lightning protection systems can be installed during the build stage of a building or fitted externally to existing buildings. Contact us today for a free survey.

Thermal Imaging Inspections

A thermal imaging report highlights hot spots within your consumer units and switch gear. We will provide you with thermal images of your electrical system which will help to prevent long term damage to electrical components and reduce the risk of fire. This can be conducted as a stand alone service or bolted onto any of the other services we offer. Usually our clients will request a thermal imaging report at the same time as a periodic inspection and test of the electrical system.

Swimming Pool Electrical Installations

We specialise in swimming pool electrical installations. Motor controls, motor protection, UV filtration, automatic dosing systems, automatic pool covers, extra low voltage in and out of pool lighting etc. We work with several pool build companies to offer a complete new build or maintenance service. Special regulations govern the use of electricity in swimming pools which we adhere to completely.

Motor Control & Switch Gear

The world of commerce would not be the same without the use of motors. Motors for factories, air handling units, conveyors, door openers etc. Generally there are two types of motors used, single phase and three phase. Specialist protection and control equipment must be installed to ensure motors run smoothly, efficiently and safely. Direct on line starters, thermal cut outs and three phase short circuit protection are to name but a few.

Out Of Hours Shop Fitting

We also provide all our commercial electrical services out of hours to suit our clients needs. Where required we can organise man power on site 24 hours a day until a project is completed. We will only accept an out of hours contract if we are 100% confident we are able to commit and fulfill your expectations of us.

Fire Alarm Installations, Maintenence & Risk Assesments

Commercial fire alarms are a necessity to ensure the safety of your property, staff and customers. We provide a fire risk assessment service which highlights any fire safety issues and an installation service which include call points, ionisation and heat detectors, sounders, strobes, automatic door closer's and zoned fire alarm panels. From new alarm systems to alarm upgrades, contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

Electrical Inspections & Testing

Most commercial properties require a periodic inspection of their electrical system at least every 5 years or less. Not having a valid inspection certificate could void insurance claims and increase premiums. And that's not to mention the moral responsibility of ensuring your staff and customers are safe. We provide a full inspection service which upon completion will provide you with the relevant national standard paperwork your insurance company is expecting to see. We are NICEIC registered contractors which most governing bodies and insurance companies stipulate you to use. We will leave you with a complete picture of the state of your electrical system, giving you a breakdown of any work required to both make safe and to bring in line with the current wiring regulations bs7671.

New Build & Existing Design & Installation

Hants electrical are specialists in new build installations and design. If you need advice about what options you have when considering your electrical installation in a new home build or extension, we are on hand to not only help point out what services are available to install in your new home, we will also give you a free no obligation quote. Fed up not having enough double sockets? Need additional power points in your home? Not enough lighting? These types of works usually take no longer than 1-2 days to complete. When your property was built originally it may have been built within a budget. The electrical system is where money could have been saved by limiting the amount of outlets and lighting installed. Now you're an expert of your own home, you know exactly where you need power and lighting so let us bring your bespoke ideas to life.

Fault diagnosis, repairs

If you're having problems with nuisance tripping, loss of power or flickering lights contact us today to book in an electrical inspection. This could be a part inspection to rectify the area of the electrical installation causing concern, or a full periodic inspection and test on the whole system, including a test report. Did you know your electrics should be checked every 10 years in a domestic property? When was the last time your property was checked? We are often asked to conduct periodic inspection and tests on properties that are being sold, or for HMO licenses etc. For more details about the various domestic electrical testing we offer click the button below to contact us.


Need to keep an eye on property, stock or people? We can help you decide between the different types of CCTV systems available. From number plate recognition, to facial recognition, standard domestic camera's to full 360 degree rotating long distance cameras. We really can supply and install the system you need. We also install wifi bridges so video images can be sent in HD over 15km away to a monitoring station or DVR. Or perhaps you'd like a very simple system for your home. Get in touch today to find out more.

Burglar Alarms

We install wired and wireless burglar alarm systems. We specialize in Yale alarm systems, but we are happy to install and maintain any system. We also install self monitored intruder alarms. If an alarm is activated the system will notify you via an app or phone call to your mobile so you can notify the police. Protect your home and business with a modern intruder alarm, call us today for more information.

Door Access & Security

Hants Electrical Ltd provide a wide range of door/access entry systems for both home and business. Installations include simple audio systems, video entry, coded/fob access, card swipe, proximity readers and computer based control system.

Lighting Design

Mains powered smoke & heat alarms with battery back ups are standard installations in new build properties. As the alarms receive constant power from the mains, they are less likely to let you down when you need them. Your home insurance can sometimes be reduced if you have a certificate detailing the installation of such alarms. HMO licences will not be granted without the installation of mains powered smoke alarms. For added peace of mind, contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

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