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Domestic Electrician

Hants Electrical Ltd are specialists in Domestic electrical installations. From advanced lighting systems to complex heating electrics. Have a look below at some of the domestic electrical and related services we offer. We also provide domestic electrical inpections and testing.


If your homes electrical system requires updating, a rewire might be the option for you. Electrical cables, if not fused down correctly, can use more power than they can handle causing them to overheat. This overheating deforms and removes the cables inner insulation which can lead to various faults. A cables ability to insulate itself between conductors is also crucial to reduce the risk of an electrical fire.

New Builds & Extensions

We can install a new domestic electrical system for you. Either completely from nothing to extensions from an existing supply. All new electrical systems in domestic properties are notified to building control under part p of the building regulations. You'll receive both an electrical installation certificate and a separate certificate to show the works have been notified to the relevant local authority. Ideally new build installs will consist of a 1st fix (Installation of cabling after the brickwork, roof and woodwork has been completed). Then a 2nd fix (Fixing of switches, sockets, light fittings and consumer units etc after the property has been plastered) Then a final stage for inspection and testing which is usually completed in stages during the whole project to ensure the system is being installed correctly and in line with the current wiring regulations BS7671.

Modifications & Improvements

Fed up not having enough double sockets? Need additional power points in your home? Not enough lighting? These types of works usually take no longer than 1-2 days to complete. When your property was built originally it may have been built within a budget. The electrical system is where money could have been saved by limiting the amount of outlets and lighting installed. Now you're an expert of your own home, you know exactly where you need power and lighting so let us bring your bespoke ideas to life.

Fault diagnosis, repairs and testing

If you're having problems with nuisance tripping, loss of power or flickering lights contact us today to book in an electrical inspection. This could be a part inspection to rectify the area of the electrical installation causing concern, or a full periodic inspection and test on the whole system, including a test report. Did you know your electrics should be checked every 10 years in a domestic property? When was the last time your property was checked? We are often asked to conduct periodic inspection and tests on properties that are being sold, or for HMO licenses etc. For more details about the various domestic electrical testing we offer click the button below to contact us.

Fuseboard Upgrades & Replacement

Do you have an old style consumer unit (Fuse board) that you'd like updated? Would you like to benefit from the latest consumer unit safety features that will help to ensure you and your family are protected against electrical faults that may cause damage to your property or injury to you and your loved ones? The latest wiring regulations (BS7671 17th Edition Amendment 3 2015) Requires that domestic consumer units provide RCD protection on most or all the circuits within the installation. Old style consumer units usually do not provide RCD protection. Do you need to change a fuse wire when a circuit trips out? If you're unsure if you're benefiting from the latest consumer unit protection, contact us today and one of our experts will be delighted to answer your questions.

External Power Supplies

Want power taken outside your home? Outhouse, hot tub, shed, garage etc? Unfortunately the weather in this country is not that great. Therefore any power supplied to outdoor appliances and accessories has to stand up against the worst of environments. High and low temperatures, rain and water, pets wildlife to name but a few. We specialize in installing external power that is not only safe, but will last a long time without causing any nuisance to the reliability of your power inside your house. We use suitable cabling, parts and installation methods relevant to the type of installation and purpose to ensure longevity and safety.

Specialist Services - Home Data Network, Telephone, Wifi Booster, Wireless CCTV, Burglar Alarms, Car Charge Ports & More

We provide many other specialist services for your home. Data networking for high speed internet connectivity. Additional telephone sockets. Boost your WI FI signal across your home. Y-Cam wireless CCTV system installation and set up. Yale wireless burglar alarms and car charging ports are to name but a few specialist services on offer. Contact us today if you can't see what you're looking for.

Domestic Mains Powered Fire Alarms

Mains powered smoke & heat alarms with battery back ups are standard installations in new build properties. As the alarms receive constant power from the mains, they are less likely to let you down when you need them. Your home insurance can sometimes be reduced if you have a certificate detailing the installation of such alarms. HMO licences will not be granted without the installation of mains powered smoke alarms. For added peace of mind, contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

Legionella Inspections & Risk Assessments

This service is popular with managed properties through letting agents and property management companies although the inspection is recommended on any property that has been vacant for a while. We test the water in your system to confirm it is not contaminated with legionella. A risk assessment and inspection document can be produced upon completion.

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